Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day one...November 25th....

After dropping kids off at my sister's house, we arrived at Eppley airfield, got checked in and prepared to make the flight across the continent to Africa. That sounds so dramatic, but seriously, it is dramatic for me. This was my first trip overseas and I am not a very good flier, so it was a big deal for me (all getting new children aside, of course ;) My parents took us to the airport and waited there with us until it was time to go through security, which was nice. The only picture I have of this occurrence is a blurry one, but its all I have, so it will have to do.

After taking the tiniest plane I have ever been on to Minneapolis (and being sat next to a man who screamed during takeoff) we arrived at Minneapolis airport.

Here is the tiny plane. ;)

Me in Minneapolis.

Here is us waiting to board our flight to Amsterdam. I was texting my mom and asking how the kids were. I remember she said they were doing great and they were reading the Berenstein Bear's Week at Grandma's and that Ava couldn't understand why the bears were sad "unless," she said, "maybe its because their grandpa didn't have a hot tub". I never ate that sandwich, by the way. I was way too sad and sick about leaving the kids. The next 8 hours were quite possibly the longest of my life. I was very sad and very sick on the flight and it was so long! It was dark and I couldn't sleep and couldn't eat. This story sounds depressing, but I promise day 2 was much, much better.

Here is a boring picture of the plane to Amsterdam.


Tracy said...

Nice tv's at every seat though! Can't wait to see more blogs about the trip.