Thursday, November 12, 2009


We passed court yesterday. We didn't know we had a court date. Holt emailed and said that to their surprise the courts had told them that they had already held Hannah's court date and that we had passed!!! We are just completely over the moon! We are so excited and really can't focus on anything else. It is hard to believe we will be meeting our little girl in 6-8 weeks. Now we just have to finish up her room, get shots, and pack (and a few other things in between). We should find out what our exact travel dates are in around 4 weeks. Sigh. The waiting could kill a person, but now that I know when we will probably meet her, I can bear it. It could be Christmas time, but will probably be a week or so later. I read a blog today that had an awesome video of their adoption in Ethiopia and at the very end was the verse 1 Samuel 1:27. So awesome b/c that is where we got Hannah's name. I will blog about that later. I am so behind!


Cameron and Megan said...

I just found your blog...CONGRATS again!