Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our referral

Okay, so I am going to totally cheat and backdate all of this, but I need to play catch up even if only for myself. We got our referral on August 6th after our dossier reached Ethiopia on July 9th. I got a phone call in the middle of making a cake and it was our social worker who proceeded to tell me that she had a referral (this was after I had asked the week before how long it would be until our referral to which they had answered-6-9 months) and so I sputtered out "For me??" She chuckled and said "Yes" and proceeded to tell me about our little girl. She said she was a healthy little girl who was surrendered by her father at 1 year and 9 months old and that was all she needed to tell me. I told her in between the sobs that we did in fact want to see pictures and get more information. She sent that and I got to see our beautiful girl for the first time. Her name will be Hannah (I don't think we are allowed to post her information or picture until she is legally ours) and she is just gorgeous with big, brown eyes and she had no hair because they shave all babies heads when they come into care. I called Rob at work and he, of course, was not there. So, I called his other office and had to have the secretary track him down (all the while telling her that I would never do that unless it was an emergency). When she found him and put him on the phone, I told him about Asebech. I got about 3 words out about her and he asked me "did you tell them we want her??" No, I didn't. I was waiting to talk to him, but I had my answer. He wanted her just as badly as I did. So, after speaking briefly with our pediatrician, we accepted Asebech and that was the real beginning of the wait. The wait. is. HARD.